Dyson DC54: The Dyson Cinetic™ vacuum cleaner – Official Dyson Video


  1. It is NOT easy to empty

  2. Awesome, thanks!

  3. Now if Dyson has managed to truly separate dust from the air after it has exited the cyclones that would be amazing, as you dont need filters which are restrictive and to keep washing them is boring or performance will drop.

    I think they managed to get such a brilliant air to dust ratio that the air exited the cyclones, the trace amount of dust must be so very very small it doesnt effect the motor or have they managed to really, really remove all dust from air! :D

  4. No, large-heavy items are first separated in the large drum before the airflow moves on to the small cyclones

  5. What if you want to vacuum pebbles or something? Wouldn’t they get stuck in the cones?

  6. When will this be in the United States?

  7. Ah Dyson I just brought DC39 to replace my dads DC02 a couple of months ago. But this looks amazing!.

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